About our Brand

Patou’s concept is to inspire a healthy trendy and cheerful childhood

Founded in 1983 as a small business with big dreams. Patou broke into the market and established itself as a successful medical and trendy kids brand.
After years of experience..trust it gained and care it provided. Patou was able to manufacture successful kids footwear and continues to extend its legacy through generations..By considering health comfort ana a better future for our children

About our Technology

Patou shoes are made with love and care to keep your kids growing up healthy

As a team worker, we personally don’t stop the hard work to produce our unique products. Our Team produces about 300 new styles yearly. These products are made from the top quality of “P.V” which make it soft, We also use a rubber sole which makes it flexible to absorb shocks. As a result, we have Medical, waterproof ability shoes, which make our brand unique and special.